Who Should Attend:

Present freelancers, Future freelancers, Non IT professional, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Students, Teachers, Professionals, opportunity-seekers etc.


About Freelancer Meet

Freelancer Meet 2015will provide a unique opportunity for all stakeholders in Bangladesh and it will be the platform for freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, industry leaders, job seekers and visionaries/dreamers. By this blond Daffodil Group want to provide the opportunity for showcasing outsourcing and freelancing related initiatives of government, non-government and private sector agencies, companies/corporations of local and global arena  to share the knowledge and experiences towards the industrial and economic growth of Bangladesh. Most activities of the freelancer meet will involve live interaction in a creative process.The event will be based on inaugural session and technical session, which is going to be held on Dec 08.12.15 atKrishibid Institute of Bangladesh (KIB). The speakers of the inaugural session are the minister of related ministry,   government high officials, national and international ICT personalities. The end of this inaugural session, there will be an interactive part where the country’s top freelancers will get chance to express their problem with the government high officials, after that top 300 freelancers of the country will get award for their contribution of the country.The technical sessionis designed in such a way that it will cover all of the important aspects of outsourcing where technical and nontechnical participants will get their necessary information. We have very carefully designed the course materials both for outsourcing for beginners and outsourcing for professionals. We have tried a lot to make the technical session course materials as accessible and easy to deliver. In addition, the organizer has taken initiative to collect “Success story” from the country wide successful and top ranked freelancers. Experience story covers sharing experience, success story, challenges they meet, the way problems they solve to reach their destination


Bangladesh, the land of opportunity, considered as a developing economy where the current population of Bangladesh exceeds 160 million, with almost 50% of them below the age of 35 years constituting a large young workforce. A large portion of this population is embassies, innovators and by naturally developed with entrepreneurial skill with innovation and ideas. Proper expose & guideline, investment networking, government and non-government support for these innovators and innovation can create a positive impact on socio economic development of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh considered as the ‘Asian Tiger Economy’, ranked as the 37th largest economy in the world in 2012 in PPP terms. More than half of the GDP is generated by the service sector. In the last decade, the country has recorded GDP growth rates above 6 percent due to development of microcredit and garments industry. Although three fifths of Bangladeshis are employed in the agriculture sector, three quarters of exports revenues come from producing ready-made garments but the most prospective area of remittance of next decade is outsourcing. Countries economy has grown at the rate of 6-7% per annum over the past few years and the proper activation, training and utilization of country’s population in outsourcing sector may increase that growth rate 15%-17% which could be 1/3rd of our national budget only from IT/ITES, and BPO outsourcing sector by 2020.

In order to achieve the target of middle income country and to earn 1/3rd of national budget by increasing remittance from IT/ITES outsourcing,we thought it is high time for our country’s economic development to organize a “Freelancer Meet 2015”where learners and professionals can meet together and share their skills and valuable information. Presently more than5 lakhs freelancers are working and earning USD 500 million per year.Everyday new people are entering into the outsourcing market but many of them don’t have sufficient knowledge and skills. As a result they face numerous kinds of problems. In addition, some unscrupulous people have defrauded these newly joined freelancers by wrangling them in many Ponzi schemes, which ultimately have serious consequences and impact on outsourcing fields.  With this reality in mind, Daffodil, the largest ICT and educational conglomerate of the country has initiated to develop a strong outsourcing platform by training and nurturing 1,000,000 young and enthusiastic people.Organizing“Freelancer Meet 2015” is the first big step of this platform. Under that platform,“Freelancer Meet 2015” is the Gateway to develop our young generation as freelancers and transforming them to entrepreneurs.

About Venue:

The freelancer meet-2015 will be held in Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh, KIB, large and prestigious event venue in Bangladesh.Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh(KIB), has 7 (seven) venues for holding small to large scale events, state functions, social events, seminars, conferences, product launches, annual general meetings, fairs, exhibitions, cultural programs, reality shows, etc. KIB has been the venue for many renowned economic, social and cultural events. It has proudly hosted a number of international conferences and freelancer meets over the years.

This modern convention center is surrounded by a spacious parking area, lawnand fountain. The massive structure makes any event grand at its premises.

Tentative topics that will be covered in the Seminar

  • Future Prospect of Outsourcing in Bangladesh.
  • Outsourcing Issues, Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Infrastructural issues of outsourcing-payment gateway, bandwidth etc.
  • Outsourcing Issues, Challenges and Opportunities – Bangladesh Perspective
  • Skills in demand and readiness for the outsourcing market
  • Bangladesh - A Suitable Offshoring Destination
  • Offshore Software Testing Factory
  • Offshore Game Development House
  • Mobile Application Development in Different Platforms
  • Current Trend of Outsourcing job Market